Low Back Pain–A Problem Few Escape

Low Back Pain afflicts most of the population at one point or another. Studies suggest between 59% and 95% of us will experience its misery at some time. For many, it is a short period of discomfort that passes. But for others, it becomes a long, grinding, life-limiting condition. Conventional medicine offers little to many people. The sometimes deadly side effects of pain medication (opioids kill more people in some states than car accidents) are increasingly understood. Surgery is often of questionable benefit. So what to do?
I frequently treat low back pain in my practice, often with patients who have tried everything else and failed to obtain adequate relief. I take a multifaceted approach to this complex problem and approach it from many levels. I am delighted to say that most of my patients experience significant relief. Studies confirm the benefits of acupuncture. If you are interested I recommend this large study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, which consolidated 33 studies and found a significant benefit.

However, most studies focus on acute pain relief–which acupuncture can do. Successful treatment requires much more than just acute pain relief. Once pain becomes chronic, it affects mood and sleep. In turn, patient’s dietary habits deteriorate and they gain weight.
I work with my patients to improve all these areas, taking a deeply holistic approach, which I find is essential for treating low back pain. You can read more about this in my other posts.

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