Help for patients with Parkinsonism

There is much more to Chinese medicine than acupuncture, one element of which is Qi Gong, which I use with my patients, and involves movement and breathing exercises. It is related to but different from the better known Tai Chi.

I was interested to see this recent study in the prestigious journal, The New England Journal of Medicine, that shows the potential benefits of Tai Chi for people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. A 24 week course of Tai Chi had significant benefits, including fewer than half the number of falls in participants compared to other forms of therapy as well as improved strength and balance.

My experience with patients with Parkinson’s is that they benefit in a number of ways from acupuncture. Depression and low energy levels, which often affect patients with Parkinson’s, improve noticeable. Patient also feel less stiff and generally feel improved quality of life.

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