The Blue Wave Acupuncture Approach


There are many different types of acupuncture being offered out there. So let me spend some time telling you what style of acupuncture I practice and how I like to work with my patients.


I would describe myself as a holistic practitioner. What I mean by this is that I treat patients as whole people and tend to them at the levels of body, mind and spirit, with a deep commitment to improving the quality of their lives.


When a patients comes in complaining, say, of back pain, I will of course spend time with him or her manipulating points on their bodies with needles to provide rapid relief for the pain. However, we will also work together to understand and identify other factors (like poor sleep, unbalanced lifestyle, unhealthy diet, pressured family life, overall high stress level, anxiety and depression) that may be causing or worsening the pain.


Once we have identified those factors, we then work together to find ways for the patient to take matters in her own hands and develop practices to improve her diet, sleep better, deal with difficult family situations and generally decrease the level of stress in her life. In this way, I can go so much deeper that merely treating the back pain.


Importantly, acupuncture can be a powerful tool for behavioral change. My patients say that they find that the experience of acupuncture actually helps bring their mind and body closer together and they find that they can break bad habits that have frustrated them for years.


Using this holistic method, I can actually empower my patients to help treat themselves and work on affecting deeper transformations in their lives. This method involves a fair amount of wellness coaching, and enables the patient to become an active participant in their healing process, rather than merely being a passive recipient of care.


So be good to yourself and come in so that we work together toward achieving deeper personal healing and wellness in all areas of your life.